I really enjoy writing. I’m just not very good at it. If you’ve read this blog at all, you already know that. In an effort to get better at this, I’ve been forcing myself to write both personal and technical blog posts. I may never get really good, but I can hope that I get better.

I’m posting the technical posts to Medium and the personal posts here on Tumblr. This could change at any time.

Why Medium? I’m experimenting with Medium. Medium has some really nice stats about my posts. I get some nice exposure because I’m posting to Medium, but that may just be the stats talking.

So, why stick with Tumblr for anything? For one, my domain name points here. Tumblr makes for some really cheap (free) hosting of my content. Tumblr also gives me a little more control over how the posts look.

Why not host my content myself? I used to. I used to pay for hosting and run my own copy of WordPress (I think it was WordPress), but I eventually got sick of having to keep it up to date. I have all of my posts backed up as Markdown files locally (through Dropbox), so I’m not going to lose that content.

Like I said before, I’m still testing out Medium. If I decide that I really like it, maybe I’ll move all of my (new) posts over to it. But for now, I don’t mind posting in two places.

But no matter where I post the content, I’m going to keep writing. I like it. I just hope I get better at it.

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