World Series 2022

World Series 2022

Can you believe the Philadelphia Phillies made it to the World Series? Me either. I love that they made it. I've said before that every postseason game was free baseball and I still believe that.

Houston deserves some props. They were undefeated in the playoffs until meeting the Phillies. Then, in the World Series, they didn't lose after game 3. I really think they had more depth than we had and just outlasted us. I still think the Astros have the cheating scandal looming over them. I still think of them as cheaters.

Even though the Phillies didn't win, I am so proud of how they played and got there.

At least we won two games against the Astros. Game 3 was absolutely incredible and a ball to watch. The games after that? Not so much.

The amount of Phillies pride I saw in our area in October and November was incredible. Yesterday, we went shopping at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and there was Phillies gear everywhere.

Each and every postseason game was a blessing. We weren't supposed to be there. We weren't supposed to beat the Cardinals. We weren't supposed to beat the Braves. We weren't supposed to beat the Padres. We beat them all.

Really. I still can't believe the Phillies made the World Series.  

So... Maybe this success sets us up for next year. I certainly hope so.