Twitter Account Deactivated

Twitter Account Deactivated

I recently posted about Twitter. At the time, I couldn't stop watching the slow-motion Twitter train wreck. It turns out, I got sick of it very shortly after publishing that post.  

Today, I decided to deactivate my Twitter account. That's something I never thought I would do. But here we are. Twitter has become something else. Something different. Something I don't really enjoy anymore. I think it's been happening for a while, and this was the event that got me to deactivate my account.

I don't really use Facebook. I do like Instagram, but I try not to spend too much time on it, it can be a time waster.

I've tried multiple times. I want to like it. There's just something about it that doesn't click with me. I keep coming back to it and trying again, without much success.

I've been trying out Mastodon. It's fine. Mastodon currently has a lot of posts about Twitter, which is annoying, but should stop at some point (right?). However, a lot of people that I followed on Twitter have moved to Mastodon. I can continue to follow people I like. There are also no great apps for Mastodon yet. I'm hoping Ivory will be one. I think if there were a great app, I may use it more.

In recent years, I have been stepping back from social media. I've been reconnecting with RSS. I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds and get a lot of news that way. I even have my newsletters go through my RSS service. This may be the one social network (in the stretchiest of terms) that I enjoy the most. No algorithms messing with my content. I can read (or ignore entirely) at my leisure. I can use any number of excellent clients to read and enjoy my news. I like it, it fits me.

I believe I have 30 days to reactivate my Twitter account. I don't think I'll do that. I think my time with Twitter has passed.