I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been in a bit of a transition.

I left Comcast Interactive Media about a month ago. I have joined DramaFever doing iOS development.

I enjoy my almost three years at Comcast Interactive Media working on the Xfinity Home project on iOS. However, the commute into Center City Philadelphia was a bit much. I managed by working from home one or twice a week. But it was still a bit too much.

DramaFever is directly across the street from the Comcast building. How is that better? Well, I’m a full time remote employee. I never have to go into the office, but I still manage to head in once or twice a week. It’s a really nice balance. I am at home most of the time, but still head into the office to meet face to face with my coworkers.

My first project at DramaFever is to work on updating the tvOS app. We have a few updates planned, the first one is a rather small update. The ones that are to follow are a bit larger. It’s been a lot of fun learning about tvOS. I have not had a chance to work with the new Apple TVs yet.

I’m very excited for this new chapter. But it means I haven’t had a lot of time to work on app updates, or work on my backlog of technical blog posts. I think I’m in a better position now to get back to it. At least I hope so.