Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It always has been. And I'm not quite sure why. But I love it.

I really love the time off from work (and school when I was younger). I love the food. I love eating too much and watching football games. It's great to see family. The Black Friday deals the day after Thanksgiving is also exciting.

Pre-COVID we had started a newer tradition. Around Thanksgiving, we would travel to Europe for a longer vacation. In 2018, we traveled to a few cities in Italy. Then in 2019, we traveled to Paris, London, and several cities in Germany. These trips were great family experiences. I'm not sure if or when we'll get back to these European trips, but they were a lot of fun.

The last few years have been a little more low-key. We've just been with my in-laws for Thanksgiving. They've still been good holidays. Lots of food, and plenty of football.

This year we have the World Cup to watch too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.