I've been on vacation this week. We haven't gone anywhere, it's more of a staycation. I've been doing a bunch of chores around the house that have been on hold because of soccer and other obligations. I've also gotten a bit of time to relax and enjoy some things that I want to.

Today, I finished Stray on the Playstation 5. I was interested in playing Stray, but a comment from José Ibañez got me to give it a shot.

Stray is a game where you play as a cat in a post-apocalyptic world who has been separated from their family (fellow cats). You are just trying to get back to your family. Along the way, you meet a lot of robots, explore some great environments and solve many puzzles.

I'm so glad José suggested I play Stay. What a great game. The game was beautiful, incredibly charming, short, and not too difficult. I finished the game in about six hours. I wasn't anywhere close to completing at 100%. But I enjoyed the game immensely.

I don't really like cats, and never thought I would enjoy playing a game as a cat. But I did. The way the cat moved and jumped looked perfect. The game itself was really beautiful. There were some really nice puzzles that weren't too hard. I'm hated the Zurks, but loved B-12. Overall, Stray was a great game.

My Stray Trophies on PSNProfiles

I've thought about going back and trying to get all of the Playstation Trophies in the game, but I'm not sure I want to do that. I've got too many other games I want to play. Getting frustrated trying to get all of the trophies in this game isn't worth it to me.  

The game is from 2022 which is weird for me. I usually end up playing games a year or two after they've been released. It was fun to play (and finish) a new game.

Stray is available "free" on Playstation via Playstation Plus Extra. I am a subscriber, so I took advantage of this. If you're a Playstation Plus Extra subscriber and haven't played Stray yet, go do so.