I've been an Apple Music user since the beta in 2015. Apple Music is not a perfect app or service. But I've grown used to it over the years.

Apple Music (Family) is now included in the Apple One subscription we already pay for.

In my office, I have Sonos speakers set up. When I work, I will listen to music. Music helps me focus on my work.

I have one major gripe with Apple Music. Or Airplay. Or my M1 iPad Pro. AirPlay with Apple Music from an iPad to my Sonos setup is unreliable. I usually Airplay music from my iPad Pro to my office speakers. Music will play for a few songs and then stop. The iPad will act like it's playing a song, but there's no sound. To fix it, I'll need to go into Apple Music on my iPad and nudge it to play again. It drives me nuts. I think I've also noticed this issue on my (personal) mac, but not on my iPhone.

Apple Music works through the Sonos app. The Sonos app is not for me.

I've heard great things about Spotify. I signed up for Spotify Premium a few months ago.

I'm not fond of the macOS and iOS apps as much as Apple Music. They don't feel like a Mac-assed Mac app. I can't put my finger on it, but that's how I think about the apps. The Apple Music apps aren't great either, but I've grown used to them.  

Spotify's Daily Mix playlists are great. I think they provide six playlists that are algorithmically generated. And they are all great. I enjoy listening to all of these playlists. Sometimes songs will pop up that I haven't heard in years.

Spotify and Sonos work perfectly together. Every time. I have never had an issue with music dropping off or stopping like Apple Music (or AirPlay, or my iPad). I would expect this sort of "magic" from Apple. But Spotify nailed it. If I walk into my office on Monday morning and tap the Play/Pause button on my Sonos speaker, it just picks up right where it left off on Friday afternoon.

I love how I can start playing music on one device and pick it up on another. I start listening to a playlist on my iPad. Then I open the Spotify app on my Mac and it knows where I am in the current song. I like this a lot. I wish Apple Music did this too.

The Spotify macOS app also has some nice Easter Eggs. I noticed this when I was listening to a Star Wars soundtrack. The song progress bar became a lightsaber!

Song playback controls above a Star Wars Jedi lightsaber indicating progress in song
Spotify lightsaber progress bar

I still default to Apple Music on my iPhone and Apple Watch. I am just used to those experiences. If I'm out for a walk or workout, Apple Music is my go-to.

I have been enjoying Spotify. I'm not sure if I'll switch over completely. I love how it works with my Sonos. Honestly, I listen to most of my music through my office speakers. I don't love the apps themselves. I like the suggested playlists from both services.

I am going to continue to test Spotify out for a while.