Sad Day

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day for me. I retired two apps of mine from the iOS App Store. I removed both MyCntdwn and Showers: White Noise Generator from sale.

I had mentioned that it may come to this in my last post (Summer 2019 Development Goals). I made some progress with updates for both MyCtndwn and Beer Style Guidelines. But ultimately I decided that the progress on MyCntdwn wasn’t enough to continue forward with it.

MyCntdwn has been in the App Store since shortly after the App Store launched (in 2008). It was actually coming up on it’s 11th birthday. But I have also lost a bit of motivation to keep maintaining it. I haven’t made any valuable updates since the iPhone X was released two years ago. I’ve had plans on big updates to the app, but just could never get things going.

Showers is a much more recent app. I launched this app in early 2014. The last update to it was in 2016. I hadn’t even planning on making any future updates to it. I was just holding onto it. Retiring this app was a much easier decision and I’m surprised that I didn’t do it earlier.

There is good news from all of this. I can finally stop making half-hearted efforts on two different apps and focus instead on making updates to my remaining app: Beer Style Guidelines.

Beer Style Guidelines is still alive and kicking. There hasn’t been an update to it for a little while. But I have one in the works. A small update with iOS 13 compatibility should be submitted in a few weeks. I have a few small (I hope) bugs to work out and then I can submit it for review. In upcoming versions, I plan on rewriting most of what’s under the hood and adding new/updated style guides.

I hope that officially retiring two of my apps will open up some mental capacity for me to keep Beer Style Guidelines updated and fresh.

On the off chance that anyone would like to purchase either MyCntdwn or Showers: White Noise Generator from me to take over development and maintenance. Please reach out to me on twitter.