Philly CocoaHeads Show & Tell

I presented at last week’s Philly CocoaHeads meet up. Presented is a bit strong. I showed off a few things to those in attendance. I was in front of the group for about 10 minutes.

I showed off Showers first. I showed it off for some self promotion and to get some feedback on some UI elements. The group had a lot of questions for me and some really nice feedback. I’m going to try including some of this feedback in an upcoming update.

I also showed how we do builds at work. We have a fairly complex setup (multiple environments and App Store accounts). I walked through some of what we need to do. I also showed off the Rakefile that we use (which was inspired by this Gist).

This was my first presentation of any kind at our Philly CocoaHeads meet up. I’m not much of a presenter, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope to show off more stuff in the future.