Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series. They've had a great October.

The series is currently tied 1-1. The next three games are in Philadelphia. During this postseason, the Phillies haven't lost at home.

The Phillies were never supposed to make it this far. They barely made it into the postseason. This is all free baseball, the Phillies have been taking advantage of it. It's been great.

This year's team has been a lot of fun to watch in the postseason. It looks like they are having a great time playing.

I've been a fan of the Phillies for a while. I wasn't always a Phillies fan. When I was younger, I used to follow the Oakland Athletics. I was young, they were good. I don't have a good excuse. But ever since I moved to the Philadelphia area, I've been a Phillies fan.

I love to make it to a Phillies game each year. We usually do make it. This year we had some nosebleed seats, but we still made it. The photo above is from that game. We went to the game in May. We lost that game to the San Diego Padres.

Over the Summer, we were in San Diego when the Phillies were there. I almost tried to find tickets to a game, but we were busy with my son's soccer. We did up at dinner one night in a restaurant with the game on a TV.

During the Summer, I like to listen to Phillies games on TV. It's great background noise. I'll look up when the announcers get excited. I prefer Comcast SportsNet coverage. I like listening to Tom McCarthy and John Kruk announce games.

I don't know if the Phillies will win the World Series. I hope they do. I'd love to see another Phillies parade. It's been fun to watch them. We get at least three more games with them this year.