On Netflix

To preface, we’ve been Netflix subscribers since the DVD days. I am not one to share our Netflix password either.

Daring Fireball recently posted an article about Netflix shares dropping 25% in Q1 of 2022. He believes this is because of the quality of Netflix’s original content. I agree with Gruber on his assessment.

There’s not a lot of compelling original content from Netflix. The originals feel like a sea of garbage with the occasional gem. We’ve tried a lot of them, but have only enjoyed a few.

We have enjoyed House of Cards, The Crown, and The Queen’s Gambit. I’m slowly making my way through Arcane and have been meaning to watch The Witcher. But these aren’t must watches for me. If needed, we could subscribe for a month or two and binge the shows and then go back to ignoring Netflix.

Netflix has original games now? Why?

Pricing on Netflix has gotten out of hand. It’s the most expensive service we have, and one of the least compelling. We pay $15.49/month for the Standard plan. I don’t think we’re getting $15/month of value from Netflix. Right now, we’re only watching Seinfeld and Grey’s Anatomy (my daughter does). Every week or two, I’ll watch another episode of Arcane, but I usually forget that Arcane exists.

There is a cheaper Basic plan. We haven’t dropped down to the cheaper plan because of High Definition (HD). The Basic plan doesn’t allow HD streaming and that’s been a dealbreaker for us for a while.

I think Netflix has to take a step back and reevaluate their original content. Stop making so much of it and concentrate on making really great content. Oh, and they should revisit the pricing.

The issue isn’t password sharing, its quality original content and pricing.

When I’m looking for something to watch, I’ll turn to Disney+, HBO Max or Apple TV+. If I get down to looking for something on Netflix, it means I’m desperate.