November Experiment

November Experiment

I can't believe that it's already November. Where has this year gone? My daughter has informed me that the Christmas season starts today. I'm not sure I agree. I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving first.

I want to write more — both in general and on this site. So, I thought I would try an experiment. I plan to post an entry here every day in November. It's a bold experiment for me. I typically post once or twice a month. This will require some real dedication.

What happens if I miss a day? I hope I don't. But if I do, I plan to post the next day. This could be an epic failure for me. I really hope this isn't the only entry I post in November. 🤣

I've got a list of ideas to get me started.

Will these more frequent posts be any good? Who knows. I would argue that the blog posts at the current frequency aren't very good. I just hope writing more helps me improve.

Stay tuned.