MyCntdwn 4

About two weeks ago I started really working on MyCntdwn 4. I’ve had a few false starts over the last 6 months, but this time I mean it. I promise. Unless something new and shiny comes along.

I started by refactoring some really old code. Some of this code has been in there since 2008 and was starting to show it’s age. I realized how bad some of my initial Objective-C code was and I’m working on fixing that.

I am currently in the depths of making MyCntdwn a proper Universal app. It took me a little while to know what I wanted the app to look like. I don’t want it to look like MyCntdwn HD. I think that look had a time and place, but that time and place has passed. This process includes more refactoring so that I can reduce the amount of duplicate code.

I had mentioned before that I want add some sort of backup/syncing to MyCntdwn. I haven’t started in this yet. I’m still working out how I want this to work.