Mare of Eastown

Mare of Eastown

On Sunday night, we finished watching Mare of Eastown on HBO Max. It was a good show.

We've been watching it for a few weeks. The postseason Phillies run sidelined our regular television watching.

We liked the twists and turns that happened throughout the season. I also like the Wawa references (I mean, who doesn't?).

The only thing in the show that really threw me for a loop was some of the accents. When I heard certain words, it immediately took me out of the story. "Home" was a harsh word/accent to hear during the show. I don't know if those accents are accurate to the area. Those accents even became part of an SNL skit:  

Murder Durdur - SNL

I was able to see past the accents and enjoy the show. I've heard that there may be a second season.

If you haven't seen Mare of Easttown and enjoy a good murder mystery, check it out.