MacBook Pro

Over the Summer I bought a new Mac. This is the first new Mac I’ve bought since 2010. I was overdue.

I bought a 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID. I wanted more memory than what came stock and it wasn’t available in store when I ordered it. I had to wait three weeks for the laptop to be built and shipped.

Prior to buying this laptop, I waited for a new laptop for a few years. I was going to get one when the retina displays came out, but held back. Then I was going to get one last Fall when the Touch Bar models came out. But I waited again. When they announced the latest model (with Kaby Lake), I decided it was time.

For more than a year now prior to getting this new MacBook Pro, I had been using an iPad Pro (9.7”) as my primary device. It was perfect for everything except doing iOS development.

My previous laptops have been a bit of an overkill. I always went with the 15” model, fully maxed out. I had even used my last laptop to play (or try) games on. It had a 512MB video card in it (which was a lot at the time). But it turns out that my PC desktop is perfect for games like that.

My old laptop is still alive and kicking. My wife has been using it for over a year now. In about 2012, I had replaced the slow spinner drive with an SSD. It was like getting a whole new laptop.

So far I have been really happy with the new laptop. Previously, I have always had 15” laptops. The smaller screen and form factor is nice and fits on my lap when programming in the living room. I love the color (space gray) of the laptop. I’m not 100% sold on USB-C for power (MagSafe was awesome), but I’m getting used to it.

I am a little worried about the keyboard though. There have been a number of reports about how bad the keyboards are (and having them fixed because of dust). I did buy the extended Apple Care warranty, so I hope that covers this nonsense. But if this ever comes up, I’ll deal with it.

Like I’ve said, so far I’ve been really happy with things. All in all, I’m glad that I waited. I’m not sure I’ll wait 7 years for the next laptop, but we’ll see.