July Books

July Books

I did a little better job of reading in July than I did in June. I had a few books that I was determined to finish. At the start of the month, I had too many books that were in progress. I’ve finished a few, but I think I still have too many books that are in progress. I’m still trying to finish those before I start any new books.

What books are in progress?

I’ve got three books that I’ve been reading for over a few months. I really want to finish these before picking up a new book.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I’ve been reading Doctor Sleep for a long time. A few years in fact. It’s been great so far. Oddly enough, I remember what’s happening in the story.

This was a paperback book that I bought a while ago and left in the car to read during my son’s soccer practices. I’d read for an hour or so and then leave the book in the car until the next practice. Whenever my wife or daughter came along I didn’t read the book. Likewise, if I just dropped him off and ran home (or errands), I wouldn’t read it either. There were also other times, when I would read a different book.

This book is still sitting in my car. 🤣 Needless to say, I need (and want) to finish this book.

Server-Side Swift (Vapor Edition) by Paul Hudson

I started reading Server-Side Swift (Vapor Edition) a few months ago before Summer started. I made some amazing progress in a few days. Since then I’ve slacked off quite a bit.

I can’t just read this book. The book is a series of projects that you need to work through with a computer. So I typically setup the book on my iPad and work through the examples one by one.

I’ve learned quite a bit about server-side Swift so far. I’m about halfway through the book. I have finally been able to get back to the book. I should be able to work through the rest of the book in the next few weeks.

Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender & Rick Tetzeli

I’ve also been reading Becoming Steve Jobs for a long time. I got this book on the Apple iBooks Store. I had been reading it slowly at night on my phone. When I’m reading in bed, I usually opt for fiction instead. Reading non-fiction has never been my strong suit, I typically read it much slower than fiction.

Normally, when I read fiction, I prefer listening to an audio version. It’s just easier for me to consume. I’m not sure why, but it is.

I’ll finish this book. I like it so far. It’s just taking me longer than I want to.

What has been finished?

I read quite a bit actually. Not as much as some previous months. But certainly more than I read in June.

A few of those books were hanging over my head from the pervious month. Armada, Gone Girl and Point of Contact. I had started them all in June and only finished them last month.

There are also a few comic books on there. What can I say, I like reading them.

Got a favorite?

I think I enjoyed Gone Girl the most. Even though the story was spoiled early for me, I still enjoyed it.

Armada was a disappointment for me. Ernest Cline’s first book (Ready Player One) was just so good. I was expecting the same thing from this one. But when I’ve talked to other people, they were also disappointed in Armada. It was still a good book, but just not as good as Ready Player One.

Not the best month I’ve had reading, but better than others. At least I’m reading. That was one of my goals for the year.