Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

I’ve got a thing for jigsaw puzzles. I don’t really know why, but I do. The problem is that I don’t like terrible jigsaw puzzles, but I feel compelled to complete them no matter how bad they are. I think my family knows this and they troll me with it.

I’ve got a small stack of jigsaw puzzles that I like. There are some Star Wars, Pixar, and video game based jigsaw puzzles that I really like. For Christmas this year, my wife bought the kids some really bad jigsaw puzzles. This includes this terrible Bits and Pieces-Pizza Pie - 1000 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle.

Recently my wife bought a square padding card table with the sole purpose of doing jigsaw puzzles on. When we got home, my youngest and her picked out the terrible pizza puzzle (linked above) to work on. They we super excited about it. They even got the entire border done. However, as soon as that was done, they abandoned the puzzle. Since then I’ve been on my own. This isn’t new. This happens all the time. I’ve done a handful of puzzles that I absolutely hate just in order to complete them.

I’m about halfway through the latest puzzle. I was hoping to finish this puzzle by now. There are times when I sit down to work on the puzzle and just can’t do it. Today I sat down and listened to an episode of The Talk Show and it made working on the puzzle so much easier to deal with. I actually made some excellent progress. Maybe podcasts are my way of powering through bad jigsaw puzzles.

This puzzle is terrible. Please send help. I need to get it done in order to move onto a better puzzle.