Dual Kindle Lifestyle

Dual Kindle Lifestyle

I have two Amazon Kindles.

I didn't always, but I do now. It started when I bought my new Kindle Paperwhite and didn't immediately sell the previous one (like I used to).


I have the nicer Paperwhite model (Signature Edition). This Paperwhite model was expensive, I took a bit of a gamble on it. I'm not sure I need the Signature Edition. The adjustable color temperature is a nice feature, but I'm still pretty happy with it.

The Paperwhite stays by my bed. It was expensive and I don't want to carry it around with me all the time.


I also have a cheaper 2022 Kindle (non-paperwhite). This one travels with me wherever I go. I just throw it in my bag or even my back pocket and carry it with me. This one was much cheaper than my paperwhite, so I don't mind if it gets some wear and tear.

I traded in my old Kindle Paperwhite for this one. That trade-in value and 20% trade-in discount his Kindle were really inexpensive. This also means I'm not as crazy about keeping it in pristine condition.

This model has a backlight but doesn't have an adjustable color temperature.

Case-less Kindles

I don't use cases on my Kindles. I prefer the weight of case-less Kindles. I also used to have cases on them, but they felt pretty heavy when I read while laying in bed.

The cases have a convenient feature, where the Kindle will turn on when you open the case. I still prefer the lighter weight of a case-less Kindle.


The two devices are fairly comparable. However, I still prefer the larger screen of Paperwhite. But I could probably survive with only the regular Kindle.

Both devices have plenty of space to store all of my books. I only store Kindle books on these devices. No audiobooks or comic books.

Both devices are USB-C which is fantastic. As a side note, I've been enjoying my devices using USB-C. It just makes life easier. I'll be happy if the iPhone ever goes USB-C.

Wrapping up

Having two Kindles is a comfort. I don't need the two Kindles. I'm still not sure if I'll end up keeping both of them. But for now, I'll continue to use one for travel and one for home.