I haven’t done much personal development in the past few months. I think that may change soon. I’m getting an itch to get back to it. I’m not really sure what exactly I want to work on though.

I have a partially finished MyCntdwn 4, but I am not super happy with it. Do I just try to wrap it up and ship it? Do I do another reboot? MyCntdwn was a great project in 2008 when I started this, but I’m not sure it’s a good project anymore. But it’s always been a pet project for me.

I have some minor updates planned for Showers. I will probably work on that first. I want to move from multiple Storyboards to Universal Storyboards and Size Classes. I also want to figure out how to deal with reporting metrics and crashing issues (there aren’t any that I’m aware). I also want to add a new rain type.

I no longer have hope of becoming rich off of my personal projects. Now I just want to find a project or two that I really enjoy that I can work on in my spare time.

We’ll see how this goes.