Currently Reading - November 2022

Currently Reading - November 2022

I typically read three books at a time. If I'm reading a comic book (or graphic novel) that will be the fourth book. I usually read one fiction book, one non-fiction book, and listen to a third book. I try not to have too many similar genres because the lines will start to blend in my head.

Right now is no different. I'm reading two books and listening to a third.

Billy Summers

As I've said before, I'm reading Billy Summers by Stephen King on my Kindle.

Managing Humans

I am also reading Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager (4th Edition) by Michael Lopp on my Kindle. I've read an earlier version of this book in the past. I really enjoy Lopp's writing. I've been reading his site for years.

I'm not a people manager, but Managing Humans has some excellent advice for people managers and employees alike. I've been able to apply several bits of advice in my own life and career.

I'm reading this new version as a bit of a refresher.

Beatles '66

I am currently listening to Beatles '66: The Revolutionary Year by Steve Turner.

I've been a fan of The Beatles for a long time.

I got this book on sale on Audible. It's very good so far. It's really gone in depth to The Beatles in 1966 and the development and recording of Revolver. The book does get into the weeds in some places but has been good overall.


I'm not sure what books will be next for me.

I'll likely finish Beatles '66 this weekend. I listen to audiobooks faster than reading them. I don't have a new book picked out, but I've got a healthy list of books to read next.