I read comic books. I have since I was younger. Heck, I even developed a comic book reader for iOS and tvOS for DC Universe (now DC UNIVERSE INFINITE). It was essentially peak nerd for me.

I used to really like Comixology. I've purchased and read a lot of comic books through them. Comixology was purchased by in 2014.  

Earlier this year, the original Comixology site was shut down in favor of an Amazon variant of the site. It's not a great site. When I search for something, I always end up searching all of Amazon. On the product details screen, the tiers to purchase things are confusing. There's a purchase price. Some books are available through Kindle Unlimited, some are available through Comixology Unlimited. Other books are included with Prime Reading. It's all a bit much.

I don't think I've purchased any new comics since the changeover. I'm not quite sure if this is because of the changeover or because I've been reading fewer comics now that I no longer work on DC Universe.

Of course, I'm not sure why I'm complaining. The Kindle store has been like this for years and I've just worked around it.