Christmas Movies

Around the holidays, our family has a list of movies that we like to watch. It’s a tradition that we’ve tried to keep for a few years now. It’s not always easy, but it’s one of the things we can all usually agree on.

Some of our favorite movies are:

This year I’ve added A Christmas Story to the list to watch. I used to watch this movie all of the time growing up. I found it hard to imagine that no one else has even seen the movie. I hope to fix that problem this year.

This year, we haven’t started watching any. I feel like we’re really behind. The kids have been so busy that it makes it hard to sit down and do things as a family. I hope we’re OK. We still have about two weeks left to watch everything.

My favorites on this list are either National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Die Hard. I love these movies. Elf is another good one. But Christmas Vacation makes me laugh so hard. Die Hard is just a good movie to watch from time to time.

I’m looking forward to seeing these movies this year.