Beer Style Guidelines 2022.4

Beer Style Guidelines 2022.4 has been released.

This update includes the following:

  • I’ve re-added all older guides. If it used to be in the app, it’s in the app again.
  • I think I’ve also fixed the favoriting of BJCP (2015 & 2021) 20A, 20B, & 20C.

I am calling this the trashcan man release. I’m doing so because of this.

Negative Review

I noticed this review last week. Naming the release trashcan man is my very petty way of saying that I’ve (hopefully) fixed the things in the negative review.

I normally don’t read the reviews. I just happened across this review and it really got under my skin. So obviously, I tried to address each issue.

I’ve got one more major release that I’m working on. I’m still hoping that I’ll get it done this Summer.

Full list of release notes: