Beer Style Guidelines 2022.5

Beer Style Guidelines 2022.5 has been released.

This update includes:

  • An updated sidebar (guide list)
  • Fixed a crashing issue when putting the app into the background
  • Fixed a crashing issue that occurred sometimes when rotating the device.
  • Added macOS support via Mac Catalyst.

The key feature for this release is macOS support via Mac Catalyst.

Beer Style Guidelines 2022.5 for macOS

I had previously mentioned that I planned on adding Mac Catalyst support to Beer Style Guidelines. I did it. It's not perfect, but it runs pretty well on macOS.

This is also the final large-scale update I plan on making to Beer Style Guidelines for a while. If there are crashing (or other major) issues I'll fix them.

I haven't decided yet if I'll include new style guides as they come out. New style guides usually don't come out until the Spring, so I have some time.

Beer Style Guidelines has had a good run. But I am very excited to work on something new.

Full list of release notes: