About me

Hello there 👋🏻. This is my site. It’s not much. But it’s mine.

I post here at seemingly random times on various subjects. I’ve written about technical and personal subjects, video games, brewing beer, books, etc. I’m not great at writing, and I use this site/blog as a way to practice.

I am a professional software engineer. Furthermore, I have a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and have been programming professionally for over 20 years.

I started out as a Java developer writing J2EE services for companies like Siemens and Comcast.

Since 2010, I’ve been writing mobile apps for NAVTEQ (Nokia), Barclaycard US, Comcast Interactive Media, Warner Bros. Digital Labs, and Slice. I’ve led high-profile iOS projects for both Comcast and Warner Bros. Digital Labs including Xfinity Home, DC Universe, and Boomerang. The iOS App Store has featured both DC Universe and Boomerang multiple times.

I am a highly motivated engineer. I learned iOS development on my own. I am still continuing to learn every day. I run multiple side projects so that I can continue to learn both mobile and server-side technologies.

I’m currently specializing in iOS. I still dabble in other things, but iOS has been my focus.


You can follow me or contact me on any of these social networks. I’m not super active on any of them. But occasionally I’ll post things there.